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Summer’s Over – Shut Down Havasu!

As summer nears to an end, the boating crowd often thinks that Lake Havasu just shuts down.  We drain the lake, turn off all the lights and padlock the doors.  Anything could be further than the truth.  One of the aspects of Lake Havasu I like best is that we have two distinct seasons – HOT and not hot!  Now personally, I don’t really enjoy when it is 115° during the day and dipping to 108° during the ‘cooler’ evening hours.  I know, there are a lot of people who love it, but I just don’t like the feeling that I about ready to combust at any minute.

During the summer, activities pretty much revolve around the lake or pools.  There is no wandering the streets on a mid-week afternoon stroll.  There is no ‘let’s sit on the patio and enjoy the nice weather’ conversations.  Most people will try to go as fast as they can from one air conditioned place to another.

As summer begins its departure, we all look forward to not hearing our air conditioners running 24/7.  We look forward to cool days and even cooler mornings.  We look forward to be able to park our car in the open and not having to worry about burning our hands, and other body parts, on the interior of our car. But most of all, we enjoy being able to go outside and enjoy our wonderful city.  Not only can we still enjoy the lake, since the average temperature can range from 50-70°. But my favorite thing that opens up for all to enjoy during the cooler weather is the massive amount of open space in the desert surrounding the city. Weather it be for hiking, dirt bike riding, quading, or 4 wheeling, there is just an unlimited amount of trails and washes that is out there for the taking.

Most of the desert can be accessed directly from the city proper.  There are trails that start from the extreme south (Standard Wash) to the extreme North (Craggy Wash and Havasu Heights) along with many interior entrances throughout the Eastern edges of the city.  A surprise to many visitors is that one is able to license off road vehicles to be able to drive on the streets around the city.  This makes it especially nice so that you don’t have to necessarily trailer the vehicles for a ride in the desert. You will find a lot of vehicles, like the Yamaha Rhino pictured below.

People will use these during the week to go to the grocery store, take the kids to school and to just tool around in the nice, fresh weather.  On the weekends, you will find dozens of groups out in the desert enjoying a day of awesome views and fun rides.  There is always someplace new to go, new friends to make and just a plain old fun time to be had.

So even though some think that Havasu closes down after the summer is over, to me, the beauty and joy of Havasu has just begun.

Are you Connected Las Vegas?


This week I have the opportunity to attend Inman’s Agent ReBoot in Las Vegas. I was excited at the opportunity to reconnect with some old friends, make new friends and get a lot of great knowledge.  Then Friday came and I got a call from Nicole Nicolay (@nik_nik) asking me if I would fill in on a panel because one of their speakers had canceled.  Now if you know me, I am not a shy person normally, but I do have anxiety of getting into something that I am not sure that I am good at.  Fortunately @nic_nic told me that I could talk about Twitter.  Woo Hoo!  If I am addicted to anything in Social Media, Twitter would be it.  Even though I am still anxious about getting up on stage, at least it will be something that maybe I can enlighten some in the audience with my experience.

As I got to think about things, I realized that I really did not interact, through Social Media, with too many people in Las Vegas.  There are a few, but overall, not that many.  On the other hand, I know tons of people in the Phoenix area both through Twitter and Facebook.  I spoke of this both to Nicole and Ricardo Bueno (@Ribeezie) and they too said they had that same impression. They felt that they too did not have a lot of SM contacts in the Vegas area.  With this thought in mind, I am even more excited to take part in Agent ReBoot and to show all those Las Vegas REALTORS what Social Media is all about!

If you are in Vegas and see me at the event, take a minute and stop and say hi!