Are you Connected Las Vegas?


This week I have the opportunity to attend Inman’s Agent ReBoot in Las Vegas. I was excited at the opportunity to reconnect with some old friends, make new friends and get a lot of great knowledge.  Then Friday came and I got a call from Nicole Nicolay (@nik_nik) asking me if I would fill in on a panel because one of their speakers had canceled.  Now if you know me, I am not a shy person normally, but I do have anxiety of getting into something that I am not sure that I am good at.  Fortunately @nic_nic told me that I could talk about Twitter.  Woo Hoo!  If I am addicted to anything in Social Media, Twitter would be it.  Even though I am still anxious about getting up on stage, at least it will be something that maybe I can enlighten some in the audience with my experience.

As I got to think about things, I realized that I really did not interact, through Social Media, with too many people in Las Vegas.  There are a few, but overall, not that many.  On the other hand, I know tons of people in the Phoenix area both through Twitter and Facebook.  I spoke of this both to Nicole and Ricardo Bueno (@Ribeezie) and they too said they had that same impression. They felt that they too did not have a lot of SM contacts in the Vegas area.  With this thought in mind, I am even more excited to take part in Agent ReBoot and to show all those Las Vegas REALTORS what Social Media is all about!

If you are in Vegas and see me at the event, take a minute and stop and say hi!

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