You Want to See How Many Houses???

I have worked with many fellow REALTORS® who think they are doing something wonderful for their clients if they show them upwards of 30-40 houses.  I actually remember someone who showed 92 houses to one client!  Really?  Do you think that client really needed to see that many or perhaps maybe it was because that agent did not take the time to ‘learn’ what that client wanted and then wasn’t strong enough to not show homes that they should have known would not fit their needs.  Personally, I think it is too hard for a client to look at more than 5 or 6 houses in a day.  During those showings I don’t point out the kitchen or the bathroom (I am pretty sure everyone knows how do determine what those are) but rather I listen, as Dean Ouellette pointed out in a recent post entitled “Sometimes You Need To Shut Up and Listen.”  Yes, I shut up and listen!

What do you hear when your mouth isn’t constantly moving?  ‘Oooh, I love a rear kitchen’ ‘Oh this room will be perfect for our large desks’ ‘I hate a master bath with only one sink’ and much more.  Instead of feeling like I have to ‘sell’ them the house, I take all their comments, process them and use them to help me find the perfect house that is right for them.  Then, if and when, we need a second day of showings, I will only show them a few homes (2 or 3) that I have already determined will match their needs and desires.  Don’t you think my clients would be happy to not look at 20 houses that they don’t like just because the pictures looked great on a website?  Last week I had a new client who had sent me this email:

Thank you for sending new listings.  Keep it up!
We had a realtor but she seems too busy, doesn’t send listings and won’t be there when we are coming to town.
We will be paying cash, our home is in escrow now.
We would like to do business with you.
We should be in town next week possibly Friday.  We will firm up next week.
Attached is a list of what we would like to see.

Yes, and was there a list of wants and needs!  Upon the first meeting we had time to see three houses that they had predetermined from what they had seen on my website.  We then arranged to look at more homes two days later when they had more time.  Since I took the time at the initial viewing to shut up and listen, I was able to match houses that I felt best matched what they wanted.  They were so happy to not have to waste time looking at things that they wouldn’t like.  They did have a list of homes that they ‘thought’ they wanted to see (again based on internet pictures) but I could easily tell them why I did not feel they would like them and we didn’t have to waste our time. They even make the comment to me ‘well, you know what we want and what we don’t!’  That is the best compliment to get as a good agent.

So take your time, shut your mouth, and LISTEN!

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