Keller Williams’ RED DAY – ‘Give Where You Live’

Keller Williams RED Day Giving Back

Let me just premise this post to say that I have been in Real Estate in Lake Havasu City for 20+ years.  In January 2008 I helped launch our local Keller Williams Market Center.  Now, I am not one to switch offices on a whim.  I worked for my first office for 4 years until I took off a couple of years to raise my children and then worked for my second office for over 11 years.  I am not one taken into flashing lights and bells and whistles!  I take any change and analyze, dissect and then finally decide what is best for me.

Keller Williams? Why?

Careers worth having, Businesses worth Owning and Lives worth Living!  After attending sessions at International headquarters of KW in Austin, TX, I was on board.  I loved the idea that we were not just REALTORS, but family. My experiences with Keller Williams warrant a whole new post, but I do not want to digress.  I made the move!  And have never looked back!  I was honored to be nominated and win the “Culture Icon of the Year Award” for  2009 for my local office. As part of this honor, I am now the person in charge of identifying and organizing RED Day!

What is RED Day?

Mark Willis, President of Keller Williams, has spoken so eloquently of what RED Day encompasses! Last year the KW family spent more than 160,000 hours with more than 20,000 volunteers, giving back to their community.  In Lake Havasu, we worked the grocery stores and collected food and money for our local food bank.  Sure, the foodbank loved our contribution, but in the last year, I have been bombarded by what our community service project has done for our agents on a personal level.  Keep in mind that even in mid May of Arizona it is quite toasty!  OK, downright hot!  Even though our agents were miserable because it was 100+ degrees, they ALL relayed to me how fulfilling and wonderful they felt for giving back!

What are we doing in Lake Havasu?

This year we decided to give back to our schools.  Unfortunately Arizona is 48 of 50 for funding for our schools.  As a mother of three, this is not only distressing, but downright upsetting.  Therefore, our RED Day committee has decided to give back to the schools.  We are going to go into the local high school and help spruce up some of the offices!  Some of these places haven’t seen the strokes of a paintbrush in a very long time!  We also want to involve the students by conducting a food drive that day so that the students can start to learn to give back to their community also.  It looks like it is going to be another awesome experience for both our agents and the school!

REBarCamp Phoenix – Havasu to Phoenix or bust!

How many of you have heard of a Real Estate Bar Camp? I recently attended my third one in Scottsdale, AZ on April 9, 2010 and was amazed at all the great content and networking that I got for FREE! So what say you is a Bar Camp? Basically, bar camps started in other industries and recently, within less than two years, the real estate industry has taken the idea and applied it to their needs. A Bar Camp is in a word an “un-conference.” There is no set agenda, no set speakers!

The first REBarCamp was set prior to the Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco in the early fall of 2008. To date, there have been dozens held throughout the country from Portland to Miami and Minnesota to Raleigh/Durham. The events are coordinated by locals – REALTORS, lenders, title reps – and are successful not only because of their long hours, days, weeks and months of hard work but in conjunction with the many sponsors. Because of the sponsors, they are able to get the venue, name badges, refreshments, and even lunches to offer all the attendees at no cost.

No Agenda, no set Speakers? How can this possibly work?

Simple (well after all the

Easy (after all the hard work the organizers have put in)! Everyone shows up and the big, empty whiteboard is rolled out with only a grid with times and rooms along the sides. Attendees with a passion towards video blogging, photography, Twitter, SEO, niche marketing, etc grab a pen, pick a square and voila – a session has been set! They act as the moderator, not the instructor. Everyone gathers and interacts discussing and asking questions. In the end, everyone, including the moderator, comes out with a new idea or thought.

In Phoenix there were of 475 attendees. A lot of these came from the Valley, but there were many others who came from around the country just for this event. Bill Lublin came from Philly, Melissa DelGaudio came from West Virginia, Missy Kitzman came from South Dakota, Mike Mueller came from Central California. A lot of us have created friendships online through Social Media and use these events to get together ‘in the real world’ to network and have fun. See what Kathy Howe (@SedonaKathy) had to say about it!

If you see a REBarCamp come anywhere close to where you are STOP, REGISTER, and ATTEND.